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1804, 2018

A Rejuvenating Weekend At Shathayu Retreat, Bangalore

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Imagine waking up to the melodious chirping of birds, amidst hills and greenery. To witness the chunky clouds float above a lake casting photographic reflections in it. How would you like to relax and reconnect [...]

512, 2017

A Late Post From Cartist – A Creative Art Festival For Car And Art Lovers

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While on a trip to visit family in Pune, happened to come across Cartist - a creative automobile art festival and roadshow. So, these car and art lovers are on a road journey across India showcasing [...]

808, 2017

Blooms And Blossoms: Lalbagh, Bangalore Flower Show 2017

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It was a good day for a walk in the city. The day was clear and not too hot, and since I wasn't doing anything significant (apart from lazing around on a Sunday afternoon) I [...]

2507, 2017

Experiencing the Kerala Monsoons at Wayanad

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The nonchalant rains made the drive on the private roads through the tea estates of Wayanad slightly bumpy and rough. Had it not been the wee hours of the day, the lush tea estates would [...]

2808, 2016

Trek to the Enchanted Nagalapuram Forests

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Inside Nagalapuram forest The best part about traversing the unpopular trails has its share of unbiased fun and the power to enjoy at your own discretion. The Nagalapuram forest trek is one [...]

907, 2016

Beginner’s Adventure Guide to Trekking in the Himalayas

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This article was originally published on B-Change A book, a movie or simply for the sweet sake of wandering, whatever may have inspired you to plan your first trek – go for it! It’s never [...]

305, 2016

Visiting the Turtle Village of Coastal Maharashtra

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"The mother turtle never meets her babies, and so she takes the utmost care to protect the eggs as she leaves them in mother nature's lap", Mohan - my host spoke, as we sipped on the ginger tea. [...]

2104, 2016

Gokarna – The hippie-happy beach town

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Each place has its own charm and although I don’t compare one place to another, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Gokarna is to Goa, and yet how different it is. Gokarna trip was a quick [...]

311, 2015

Trekking in the Incredible Valley of Flowers

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“Phoolon ki Ghati” the board read, meaning “Valley of Flowers”. A mountain stood tall behind it with its peak buried in the wispy clouds. The mist moved about slowly with an aim to embrace everything in its path.