Blooms And Blossoms: Lalbagh, Bangalore Flower Show 2017

It was a good day for a walk in the city. The day was clear and not too hot, and since I wasn’t doing anything significant (apart from lazing around on a Sunday afternoon) I decided to stroll off to the Flower Show happening in Bangalore. Every year, on the occasion of Independence Day, Lalbagh hosts a flower show. This year the garden city is celebrating the 206th flower show and it’s dedicated to the great Rashtra Kavi (national poet) Kuppali Vekatappa Puttapa who is fondly called as Kuvempu.

Flower Show Bangalore

Exhibits At Lalbagh Flower Show 2017

A gallery showcasing the poet’s photographs, literary works, books, etc., can be visited. Several stalls showcasing flower, fruits and vegetable arrangements can also be seen around the area. You will see a huge arch welcoming the visitors to the flower show. Do look out for the 3-D visualization of the poet’s portrait on the left-hand side as you walk inside the arch.

Inside the Glass House

The road from the arch leads to the glass house which is inside the Botanical Garden. Here is where the many beautiful flowers and plants are exhibited. One can see a huge replica of Kuvempu’s house made out of flowers at the glasshouse. A beautiful flower arrangement can be seen inside the glasshouse. One can also see Cymbidium flowers here, these are the ones which are grown in Sikkim and Darjeeling and which are originally from Australia and Netherlands. Of all the pretty flowers my favourites were the Gerberra and Pansy gardens and the colourful cacti pots.

Replica of Mahakavi Kuvempu's house made of flowers at Lalbagh Flower Show

Outside the glasshouse, several stalls and booths are set up. Stroll past these or shop for the varieties of seeds, plants, gardening products and more. I chatted up with some of the exhibitors who gave informative insights about agriculture, horticulture, along with the unique/useful products they were exhibiting. For the first time, I tasted Areca tea and Stevia leaf (and learned that Stevia is a natural sweetener and a healthier alternative to sugar).

Lalbagh Hill

Later, I strolled off to the Peninsular Gneissic Rock Hill or more commonly known as the Lalbagh Rock or Lalbagh Hill at the far end of Lalbagh. This rock hill is a geological structure that is identified to be billions of years old, by the Geological Survey of India. A tower is erected on the hill top and a placard next to it suggests that it was one of the four watchtowers built by Kempegowda marking the predicted limits of the Bangalore town.

Lalbagh Rock or Lalbagh Hill

Lalbagh Hill

Flower Show Bangalore

Lalbagh Rock

About Lalbagh Flower Show 2017

The Lalbagh Flower Show is celebrated for 10 days. Inaugurated on the 4th of August 2017 it will conclude on the 15th of August 2017. The flower show is open to visitors between 9 am – 6 pm. The entry fee per person is Rs. 60 (on weekdays it is priced less) for adults and Rs. 20 for children.

So are you going there? Tell me your observation if you have already been there.

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