Blue adrenaline rush!

I was excited for my first international beach vacation with girl pals. The highlight of the trip was scuba diving in the Andaman Sea – my first dive. Finally, the day arrived and we gathered at the dive center.  The fear of water and the fear of unknown got better of me and as we were ferried to the dive site, I was super nervous. I was panic-stricken as I jumped in the water with the diving gear on for the practice session. Luckily for me, my dive instructors Chris & Fabrice were considerate and patiently dealt with my anxiety. I finally relaxed and felt comfortable going underwater.


As the surface closed overhead I forgot the atmospheric world. I could only hear the quietness of water and the sound of the air bubbles that escaped as I breathed slowly. I could feel something had changed. I felt calm and peaceful in spite the rough waters. As opposed to the panicky and stressed feeling I experienced just minutes ago, I felt at home as I was welcomed to witness a beautiful world that coexisted on this earth. It was the beginning of the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced.

School of fish

I was weightless, gliding and free of thoughts. I forgot everything the minute the underwater world unfolded its beautiful scenes before me. Surrounded by innumerable pink, purple, orange, green and more brilliantly colored corals in the clear blue waters was some sight! As I glided by slowly, watching a sea turtle quietly swim down at the Sea Floor, I found myself in the middle of a school of shimmering silver fish. They swam away as quietly as they came near. There were creatures of colors and patterns I had never seen, of shapes I had never imagined. It was a colorful, vibrant and tranquil world – a rich, rich underwater world.

Sea Turtle

I, like many others, had thoughts about the underwater being an alien world. But the dive changed everything – I no longer see it as an alien world. Sure, it is way too different and not easily accessible. It is also not easy to be in the water – you can’t even breathe without an aid. But it’s worth all the troubles and challenges. You have to experience it to believe it.

The camouflage - stone fish
The camouflage – stone fish

After 2 dives, we headed back to the land with hearts full of joy. The sun was about to take a dip into the mysterious waters. I closed my eyes only to see the vivid images of the mysterious world that silently existed somewhere below the turquoise waters, now turning dark.

Sunset by the sea
Sunset by the sea

(PC: Javier. For more pictures from my scuba diving in Phi phi Island please click here)

~She leaves a tiny part of her heart everywhere she travels and memories from the place fill up the void in her heart and soul.~

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