With the cold winters gone, the days are getting longer (and hotter). It’s good in a way, at least for the plants in my little (balcony) garden. Having planted some daisies, looking forward to a warm weather helping my plants grow well.

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures from the lovely sunflower farms and gardens (not mine). View them on full screen for a soothing effect 🙂

Sunflower field
Sunflower field
Bright and happy sunflowers
Bright and happy sunflowers

These bright, cheery flowers really lift my spirits, whenever I see them. I feel this is the advice a sunflower gives, this is what it shows us, tell us, not in words of course. I truly feel if the vibe they give out could be put in words, it would be something (or close to) like this –

Rise and shine and

Hold you head high

Even on the darkest days

Stand tall and

Find your light

Bee on a sunflower
Bee on a sunflower
Advice from a sunflower - be happy and bright
Advice from a sunflower – be happy and bright
Posted by:Yogini

Just a wandering soul, Yogini is a Creative Writer by profession, a book lover by heart and a little crazy by choice. Loves everything 'Travel'. She finds solace by being in the Himalayas and it's her all-time favourite place to be at. She writes sometimes, reads a lot, and travels as much as she can. And dreams of living in a tiny little house in the mountains, one day! :)

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