I love the roads

And especially the ones that take me to the mountains – “home”

I love the roads, all kinds of roads

The curvy roads, the bumpy roads,

Unruly and dusty roads

And the ones with tall mountains in the background.

The people I meet on these roads,

The stories I hear, see, feel

The signboards by the side of roads

Like bookmarks between the pages,

Or like new chapters that

I’m always eager to begin

Lessons learned, stories shared, moments stolen

Finding peace amidst the chaos,

I love it all.

Road to Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim
Road to Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim

(Cover image is courtesy of a co-traveler, Sandeep)

Posted by:Yogini

Just a wandering soul, Yogini is a Creative Writer by profession, a book lover by heart and a little crazy by choice. Loves everything 'Travel'. She finds solace by being in the Himalayas and it's her all-time favourite place to be at. She writes sometimes, reads a lot, and travels as much as she can. And dreams of living in a tiny little house in the mountains, one day! :)

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