I purposely walked a slow walk, so I could be alone – at least for some time.

I wanted to live that moment quietly and absorb it fully.

Aware of every single breath I drew, I focused on my steps, walking at my own, unhurried pace.

Each moment felt long and complete as I observed it begin, and end, and transform into the next one… slowly… magically… in its own, unhurried pace.

In those moments, I knew some things were rearranging inside me.

Something was healing, something was filling my heart, making it whole… brimming with peace and content.

I thought I was the spectator, but really I was being watched.

Watched over by the mountains and their snowy slopes, and the tall trees of the forest.

Amused, I watched the world around me slowly change the world inside me.

Snowy Dreamland. Winter Wonderland. Bliss!

Posted by:Yogini

Just a wandering soul, Yogini is a Creative Writer by profession, a book lover by heart and a little crazy by choice. Loves everything 'Travel'. She finds solace by being in the Himalayas and it's her all-time favourite place to be at. She writes sometimes, reads a lot, and travels as much as she can. And dreams of living in a tiny little house in the mountains, one day! :)

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