Butterflies of Assam - I had prepared this video for a wildlife NGO that I was volunteering with for a short writing project. Since it was never published for some reason, I’m taking the liberty and adding it to the blog here.
Hanging Plants Watercolor Doodle - Since last year, I haven’t traveled really and been home (for the longest time ever – courtesy – the pandemic) But no regrets, as this gave me time to learn and indulge in a lot of new activities and learnings, some of which I’m still continuing. Gardening was one of them – I love how…
Friday Travel Pic, Spicy Affair - A spicy affair in the local markets of Shillong, Meghalaya.
Mountain Bliss - A mere look at this picture from a visit to the beloved Himalayan mountains many moons ago, fills my soul with unexplainable peace & innumerable joyful memories, even today.
People and Places, East Sikkim - An incessant talker Amma, stops by my room, every morning – next to which is her garden. Even at over 80years, she is very active and I see her working in the kitchen, which is opposite to my room, or in her garden which is what I see outside the window of this tiny room…
Hello Tulips: Easy Watercolor Florals - Had painted this a while ago. I’m no expert but if you are starting with watercolors and looking for a companion (beginner learner) I’m here to share my watercolor journey, along with my mistakes and learnings.
Friday Travel Pic – Majuli Island - Asian Openbill in Majuli – the river island in Brahmaputra, Assam.
Dragonfly and Happiness - ‘Dragonflies are kisses from heaven’
Friday Travel Pic – Secret Waterfalls - One of the many gorgeous waterfalls of Meghalaya.
The Confluence of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal at Arichal Munai - As you drive past the ghost town of Dhanushkodi, at the extreme tip of the island of Rameshwaram in south India, you arrive at the pristine beach of Arichal Munai.