Walking on the Edge of Meru Glacier - Traversing the Meru Glacier in itself is extremely challenging and adventurous feat that needs skill, and time. We had simply set out to scale as close as safely possible to the Meru Glacier this day.Read more Walking on the Edge of Meru Glacier
Flying Jewels of Garbhanga Forest - Nestled at the Assam-Meghalaya border and enriched by the adjoining forests and hills of Meghalaya, the Garbhanga reserve forest is home to plenty of butterflies, birds and animals.Read more Flying Jewels of Garbhanga Forest
Mount Shivling The Handsome Mount Shivling - After an almost incessant snowfall the previous night, we woke up to a beautiful clear day. And there it was, the stunning mount Shivling standing tall in its full glory! Read more The Handsome Mount Shivling
Visited by a Coffee Bee Hawk Moth - Called the Coffee Bee Hawk Moth, also Pellucid Hawk Moth and Coffee Clearwing - the body of this insect is a beautiful bright green with yellow and red bands. Its wings are clear and glassy.Read more Visited by a Coffee Bee Hawk Moth
Meeting Commander Butterfly - Called the Commander butterfly its a pretty big butterfly with bright reddish brown wings with big white spots in a pattern. This pretty wing design has black border and more black spots and patterns. Read more Meeting Commander Butterfly
Missing the Mountains on International Mountain Day - Celebrating the International Mountain Day by learning and updating myself with a bit more about them. This year’s theme for the Mountain Day is Mountain Biodiversity. If you too are interested to know/learn more, check this piece on UN page
Pondicherry: Old Port and Pier - “Only fishermen are allowed on the Pier”, one of two lady Constables who were patrolling the area told me. I had asked them if I could walk on the pier. So I checked if I could walk on the shore around and under it, they nodded a yes.
No Rules Art: Painting Colourful Birds - We all had plans for 2020, but 2020 had different plans for all of us. In retrospect, I didn’t really had any ‘plans’, for the first time perhaps. I’d always have some travel planned, but for some reason after spending 2 months in Assam for a project when I returned home I decided not to … Read more No Rules Art: Painting Colourful Birds
Somewhere Out There… - Of all the things you hear, Of all the things you see,