Trekking in the Gangotri National Park - Walking in the mountains has always felt so therapeutic. The only thoughts that run in my mind are things like where to walk, where to step (need to watch my steps, as I’m prone to accidents), and other such things which compel me to be present, to be there in the moment. There’s absolutely no…
Meadow, Mountains and Reflection – Loose Watercolor Timelapse - As a part of a 30-day video challenge, I decided to create videos of the creative activities that I like to indulge in.
Sacred Khecheopalri Lake in West Sikkim - This picture has a story with a happy ending but that which starts with an unpleasant experience. Read on.
Clouds over Himalayan Mountains at Mana in Uttarakhand - No matter how many times I visit the mountains, no matter how many times I see them, walk amongst them. I fall in love with them, all over again, every single time!
Top Three Himalayan Campsites - Though I love everything about trekking in the Himalayas (esp.), I also look forward to the campsite where I’m going to spend time, resting, walking around, eating, star gazing, sometimes trying to read/write without getting distracted by the amazing views but always-always getting awed by the vistas.
Watercolour Painting: Bicycle with Flower Basket - Watercolours and paintbrushes make me happy! I have always loved colours and I can never decide which colour I like the most. So when it comes to choosing colours, I’m clueless. The same happens when I’m painting and when I have to decide on a colour to use.
Green Living: Growing Herbs - Growing herbs has been on my mind for a while. I’ve set up a small garden in my balcony where I’ve potted tulsi (holy basil), tomato, coriander, and also daisy, aloe vera, and a succulent.
World Oceans Day: Must-see Ocean Documentaries - How beautiful the oceans and seas make our planet look from above. The first time I had flown over the Bay of Bengal which is the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, I was stunned to look down at the cool blue expanse dotted with islands. Here’s a tiny video clip of what I saw…
Environment Day, Every Day - Since June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day, but every day is really a day to care about it and work towards its betterment, I thought I’ll just share some lovely pictures of our wonderful environments.
Blue Poppy: The Queen of Himalayan Wildflowers - The path slippery at some stretches, with snow, tiny rocks and loose gravel, ascended gradually. I walked steadily on the steep path that lead to the tranquil Shri Hemkund Sahib Ji.