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Environment Day, Every Day

Since June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day, but every day is really a day to care about it and work towards its betterment, I thought I’ll just share some lovely pictures of our…

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Greater Coucals Lunching Together

Have seen one hopping around and keep hearing its deep voice almost every day. And finally, today saw a pair of Greater Coucals feasting, each preferring a different dish.

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Red-whiskered Bulbul: The Garden Songbird

It’s been raining on and off and the weather is cool under the influence of Cyclone Tauktae raging in the Arabian Sea. It’s dark, windy, and raining intermittently. It doesn’t feel like May, doesn’t feel…

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Birdwatching from Balcony

Lockdown continues… All the scary, sad and depressing news around, has got me a little anxious. But, I must try to stay calm and focused.

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Home of a Sunbird

Something beautiful happened! Though I walked/jogged around the same track almost every day, it was only this day that I noticed a nest when a beautiful sunbird flew out of it! Home of a sunbird!

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Achatina Fulica – Giant African Land Snail

Achatina Fulica or the Giant African Land Snail is an invasive species and considered to be the worst pest as they eat up pretty much every plant. Native to Africa, these snails hitchhiked through trade routes making it to several foreign lands.

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Flying Jewels of Garbhanga Forest

Nestled at the Assam-Meghalaya border and enriched by the adjoining forests and hills of Meghalaya, the Garbhanga reserve forest is home to plenty of butterflies, birds and animals.

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Visited by a Coffee Bee Hawk Moth

Called the Coffee Bee Hawk Moth, also Pellucid Hawk Moth and Coffee Clearwing – the body of this insect is a beautiful bright green with yellow and red bands. Its wings are clear and glassy.

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