Of all the things you hear,

Of all the things you see,

What matters the most?

What stays with you?

Around you, inside you.

Filling up your soul

Like a fire, a burning desire

A powerful thought

Consuming your mind

An overpowering urge

To reach out,

Into the universe

A longing to be somewhere

In the space dust

Among the stars that shine

Several light years away

And across the galaxies,

Several billion years old

Free, unbound, somewhere beyond

everything familiar and known

Somewhere out there

Where you will meet yourself…

Milky way in the sky in kashmir
Milky way in the sky, Himalayas, Kashmir

Some moods of the starry, dreamy, dramatic, surreal mountain sky of the favourite Himalayan mountains, seen during the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, one monsoon.

Himalayan mountains in Kashmir
Last light in the sky, Himalayas, Kashmir

Posted by:Yogini

Just a wandering soul, Yogini is a Creative Writer by profession, a book lover by heart and a little crazy by choice. Loves everything 'Travel'. She finds solace by being in the Himalayas and it's her all-time favourite place to be at. She writes sometimes, reads a lot, and travels as much as she can. And dreams of living in a tiny little house in the mountains, one day! :)

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